Quality Mindset of MFS-Team

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with the new installed WU3, I really think it´s time to ask some questions, which showed up for me since the release of MFS 2020.

First of all: Scenery:

When I have to get a live scenery from the world surface into an sim, it´s always a hard task and alot of failures can occur, no problem. BUT WHY so dramatic fails like Scenery failures happen so often? There are Scenery Updates for countries, POI´s, etc. which focus the Simmers view directly on this region /area (Like in WU3 England/Ireland).

Why it´s still possible, that cars drive on water, bridges going subways, buildings are in the water? What kind of Quality management is it, when you try to get the simmers view focussed on POI´s (Point of interests like a musem or in WU3 Westminser Hall or eq. by bringin in new Updates of regions) and in the random scene, cars go like subamarines, highways or streets are going into nowhere… what kind of quality is this? What kind of “realism” wants the MFS team to show?

If briges accross a river are shown correctly, and I´m able to fly through or under the Bridge, without having a quick and short “accident”, it´s a more realistic sim for me that a nice build castle or what ever shown in the random yard. In this case, I´m really diassapointed since the start of MFS2020! Let the discussion begin…

Our expectations are high. Mine too. But think about the expectations which were shown in the trailers. Ask yourself, who created all these expectations.

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It’s because 99.9% of the world gets automatically generated by AI. You’re not seriously expecting them to model everything by hand are you?

It’s amazing what they’ve been able to do. Not for a single area, but for the entire freaking planet.

The quicker you realize this, and tune your expectation to this fact, the more fun you’ll have.


I´m with you when you see the whole scenerey, the whole wold. But not if they are trying to focus your view of smalles areas of the planet and show this kind of issues in parallel. At least they should try to fix this region/area, don´t you think so? I mean, you are watching something like Big Ben and next to it, everything in transportation systems goes for snorkeling, even the bridge?!


They’ve committed to improving on the sim for the next 10 years, so the improvements will come.


I agree about so many little annoyances that seem to get overlooked month after month. But overall, I think the sim is off to a good start considering all of the new tech they put into it.

I wish they would focus heavily on things like fixing photogammetry, icing, airport lighting, and vehicle behavior at airports. They know about a lot of these bugs, so hopefully it won’t be too long before we start seeing some improvements.

In my opinion, the worst in terms of waiting for things is over…soon we’ll have jets that work properly, better scenery, probably a lot of utilities etc. However, waiting is still hard.

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Agree with you. In fact, I´m really happy with this simulator for the start. But to be honest, I´m that kind of customer, nobody really wants, because I ask kind of questions, alot of people think “Who else is asking about that?” … and yes. I also agree with other comments in this discussion, may my definition of quality is more than to be expected in this huge simmed world. But If I would have to programm a region like Big Ben, and the Bridge incl. transportation system is under water, I would ask myself If i want to deliver the perfect Big Ben (it´s just an example) or If i´m going to fix the random stuff, too, to show my quality or the quality of the department/company.

By the way, Photogrammary stuff in summary is a systemaical failure, you´ll find it all over the planet. Not a big deal at all, but somebody could take care about it finally…

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Be happy you are not BUYING scenery’s like xplane. $$$$!


You are right, photogrammetry is bad.

This is better.


That’s the point. Noone is crafting ‘an area’ (apart from the bespoke handcrafted airports and POI’s). They’re training an AI to do this for the whole world at the same time.
If you want that sort of care and attention, feel free to purchase 1000’s of euro’s worth of handcrafted sceneries from the various outlets across the web.


10/10 graphics. yeah so much better than F2020. the detail in the city is amazing


I´m talking about this. Not the system. read the text.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 232832|690x458


looks like you don’t have Photogrammetry enabled and/or didn’t download the UK/Ireland package from the marketplace. All the bridges are there in London Now.


The Download o WU3 was successful. And every Load of Enviromental and also Photogrammetry is enabled.

I´ve got this kind of failure at alot of places al around the world. USA, Japan, Germany, Wherever you go…


Go to the marketplace (in-game), and filter for ‘free’. You should see all three world update packages available to download for you there.


It´s strange. I did so. Restarted my system…nothing every changed. I´m really not sure what is going on with all this seperate upgrade files…

Can’t make it easier than this:

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Definitely not what it looks like for me. You either didn’t install WU3 or it failed somehow. Plus, don’t forget to reboot. I had no PG until I rebooted but I did see the bridge right after WU3 install.

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What’s amazing is that the amount of criticism levelled at a transformative, not innovative flight simulator which will set the bar for years to come.

Speaking of which, the sim isn’t even a year old, and people expect it to be as mature as FSX, was which in it’s on-and-off lifecycle, received only 3 major Service Packs, and required nearly the same amount of time in Third Party support to deliver the basic scenery, weather and AI systems you get with FS2020 base sim today, now.

Teaching an AI to model most assets using only top-down views, and getting the appearance “mostly right” at low level VFR? No one thought about that before.

I enjoy the sim enough to criticize it, and I’ve called it out on some of the very flaws you described in the first post. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to stop here. Sure, demand better, but understand what you’re asking for will take more work, probably years, given the backlog of “demanded features” atop a fairly decent 80 percent delivered sim.


I already got you at your first post. But what so say that I did this way and nothing ever changed?

This thread reminded me of this also. Once you get the updates you still need to go to the marketplace to download the actual world update itself. Funny I’ve forgotten this the last 2 world updates lol.

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