Queen Alia Airport (OJAI) Jordan has bad jetways, gates, and spawning points

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It’s out of whack how the airport gates are organized. The jet ways are located on the inside of the airport. Also, you navigate to the gate after landing by parking inside the building. So technically, you are hitting the building. Or if you start a flight at one of the gates, half of the plane is above the building

Location of issue:Queen Alia international Airport. Middle East - Amman - Jordan

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The issue is crystal clear.
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Just land or start at one of the gates pointed towards the the building. Not the ramp ones
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When I fly into Queen Alia airport QAIA with a bigger airplane there is no gates to park a Boeing 787 just only for smaller airplanes like the 737 and a320 and a321 in emirate airlines reality you can park a a380 at the gate at Queen Alia airport in Jordan Amman. We need larger gates.