Quest 2, 3070, Ryzen 2600X : starting again VR after interrution, whats the current good settings?


After a long time not using MSFS VR, i would like to make a new trial.
My setup is Quest 2, RTX 3070, Ryzen 2600X.
I can use it either via Oculus cable or Steam VR and Virtual Desktop.

Would you remind me what are the current top settings for MSFS VR with that knid of configuration ?
Or which post should i follow to set it ?

Nvidia version… i see 461.72 now, Quest 2 has also got somes patches and new functions, Nvidia settings, etc…

Thanks a lot for your advices…

Finally got this post

Tried it and very good !!!

but after 5 minutes flights, maybe MSFS downloaded many things for the geographic area… but after 5 mins was very smooth and reactive !

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