Quest 2 - 4090 vs 4080

Hi there,
my current rig is

32GB RAM DDR4 3600
Ryzen 5800X3D
2070 Super
WQHD (and VR Quest 2)

Time for me to upgrade my almost 3 yr old 2070S (still capable of running MSFS fine). Now battling myself - should I go for 4080 as it maxes Quest 2 without problem or is it better to go for 4090? When it comes to $$ I am ready to go for the 4090 price tag (including PSU change) but still hesitating as this GPU will be more expensive than my whole build that I have built before (previously on 3700x and 16GB).

4080 + PSU would cost me about 1600 euro
4090 + PSU would cost me 2100 euro

What would you do? Appreciate feedback.

Do you really need a new PSU? I am also battling with the decision for the two, but I am not going to replace my PSU. When I go for a 4090, I will simply reduce power target down to 70-80%. Enough reports that this results in a performance loss of max. 5%, fine for me, if power draw is down 25-30% on the other hand and enabling my Straight Power 11 Gold 750W to cope even with a 4090 easily.

Currently I have 650W PSU which is meh… for 4090 for sure (I know it is possible but well… :smiley:), guess 4080 would be able to work so new PSU would not be required. It makes 4080 a bit cheaper but… I feel 4080 is so overpriced for performance that it gives comparing to 4090 which is still high-priced

I’ve read a number of posts that say that radically upgrading either a CPU or a GPU results in stuttering, especially in a VR headset. I’s like a game of teeter-totter…upgrade one and you have to upgrade the other. It doesn’t really make sense to me, but the technical ‘jargon’ is that a more powerful GPU makes the CPU work harder, and vice versa. Maybe it’s a question of code optimization needing to improve. I don’t know.

As to your original question, Until I could afford to build a new system around the 7800X, I would save money and get the 4080. But that’s just me.

EDIT: Actually, I might go for the AMD RX 7900 XTX for about the same price as the 4080. 24GB VRAM vs. 16GB, and it’s getting good reviews. I believe AMD solved its driver problems a while ago.

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for the quest, you dont need a 4090.
all from 3080/ti to 4070/4080 should be good enought

If money is not the Problem, i would go to 4080, more futuresafe.