Quest 2 - Base settings required?

OK after 12 months of trial and error to obtain an acceptable performance from an i7 laptop & external GPU enclosure hosting a 3060TI I gave up and purchased a new PC:-

Intel 9200K
32GB 3200 RAM
M.2 1TB drive
Gigabyte V690 Motherboard
Oculus Quest 2

In 2D with Nvidia Experience running I obtain 40-50 FPS with EVERY FS2020 2D setting maxed out

In VR using only the Oculus software and debug tool I now have a barely acceptable VR experience (eg need to focus in cockpit view to read Garmin display). No noticeable stuttering at 100 FS render scale with ASW off and Nvidia DSS on using either of the optimised resolutions.

I have avoided introducing additional SW as I do not understand the various layers with even the default SW layers (Oculus, Nvidia Experience/Control panel, OTT etc) let alone venture into OpenXR or NIS for example!

Where do I need to focus my tweaking, Oculus device settings, OTT, Nvidia (already set a FS Nvidia profile with various Web based suggested settings), FS VR ? Can anyone describe the various SW layers and dependencies? For example if I change the Quest device refresh rate/resolution, should I change the Nvidia DSS/FS resolutions etc?

Due to physical space constraints I am driving a 1080 display using HDMI.

Don’t bother with nvidia setting is not the key.
In nvidia setting only block the fps to 36, half of 72Hz (basic freq of quest).
Inside Quest set 72Hz and resolution to 1.2
Play with OTT. Set your FOV 0.70x0.70 or little up. Another setting that help is ASW=30 (block fps to 24 1/3 of 72). Try it
EDIT: I set also SS=1.4 but I I think for a 3060ti is too much, maybe try less

Thank you! Whilst I have not finished testing all thecombinations your settings provided a viable baseline for me too experiment from.

Hello everyone,
I need some help please :wink:
I’m looking for settings for windows, oculus, ODT and game to start with VR.
I’ve got a quest 2 (official link cable), 3070, Ryzen 7 5800x.
anny ideas ?
thx a lot

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