Quest 2 display freezes, sim still tracking

I upgraded from a 6600XT to a 7800XT. I was able to use a Quest 2 just fine on the older gpu, but now the display in the Q2 freezes just seconds after entering VR mode. If looking at the monitor, I can see that the Q2 is still head tracking and the display is adjusting accordingly. In the headset display, it’s a completely frozen image. The CTRL+TAB option to exit VR works on the sim, but the headset will remain frozen. The only way to get the headset back to normal is to reset it either with a power cycle or if I adjust the graphics preferences in the Quest Link program and use the restart option in it. I have that set to the recommended options (72 Hz and 3584x1856), but also tried other settings just in case and no dice. I’m connected via a 5GHz wifi 6 connection to the router, and wired from the router to the PC. I’m new to VR, and not sure where to start looking. When searching about this issue, the only results I’m getting are freezes after about 15 min of use or so, and not seeming related to an instant freeze.

Weird one. Not had the problem, but I have similar setup in some ways (Q3 and Nvidia using virtual desktop). If that happened to me I’d start looking at the router config. It’s something with the transmission TO the headset.

How do you have the router configured? As an access point “only”? Did you disable the 2.4Ghz channel? Are any other devices connected to it (or able to) such as phones / iPads etc?

EDIT TO ADD: not sure it’s the same thing but I often get the image in the head unit frozen when I take the thing off and put it back on again (having come out of VR mode). Only thing to re-connect is restarting VD. Doesn’t happen every time, and never ever used to happen until one day, now it’s very often. I don’t even think there were any updates between it working and not, except a controller update on the Q3. That was the same day. So weird. I have not checked (rather I mean I’ve not specifically noticed) if the image is still tracked on the monitor when this happens but I will next time!

It’s a mesh Wi-Fi system with the pc Ethernet plugged into the main Wi-Fi base, and not sure exactly what you mean by the router being set up as an access point only. 2.4GHz is not disabled because some of our devices connected to it are not 5GHz compatible.

Well I’m just grabbing at straws really and comparing to my situation.

Could it be that there is too much interference or other things fighting for the bandwidth and it can’t negotiate a connection? Or the signal is too low?

My router is dedicated only for the Q3, and it’s about 60cm away. In the web config page for it, I can set it up as Access Point Mode instead of the default Wireless Router Mode. As I understand this is better for my use case with the broadband going into it from the hub (connection into house) and PC plugged into one of its ports.

Don’t know much about if mesh networks are suited for the high and constant bandwidth required by VR wirelessly…

Maybe a driver problem. Try DDU and install driver version 23.12.1

I did run across a post on their forums today that mentions there being a known problem that is driver related, but I also found out it works properly with a wired connection. I think I’ll just leave it at that for now. I don’t use it much (it’s actually my daughter’s Q2), and using the USB cable wasn’t cumbersome enough to worry about with my minimal use of it.

Once running, it worked well enough to want a Quest 3 for myself. Lol.

LOL… doooo iiiiittt! :supervillain:

Tell my wife that. Lol