Quest 2 - Link, AirLink, Virtual Desktop ?, RTX3080 best option?


Question to all owners, Quest 2 + RTX 3080 or similar card.
Share your experience and configuration, please.
What is the best option for you and why ?
Link ?, AirLink, or VD ?

I have been a strong advocate for virtual desktop for the following reasons:

  • Allows gamma/brightness adjustment, I fly at around 70%
  • On 3000 series cards, HEVC codec provides better image for same bitrate (relevant when compared to AirLink, potentially less relevant compared to wired Link)
  • Ultra setting provides slightly higher resolution/sharpness than maximum on link - EDIT with the new sharpen mode on Link v33, they now look very similar

I have tried many things over the last months. I fly mostly with the airliners and appreciate a sharp image so I can read the MCDU from far.

At the moment I find that using link cable gives me the best experience.

Game mode Off
HAGS off

Oculus Debug tool (you have to set this while in oculus rift connection before activating the vr mode in the sim)

Pixel override 1.2
ASW off
Bit rate 450

Flight Simulator

Render scale 100
Anisotropic filtering x16
Most of other settings High

My specs:

I9 10859K
32Gb Ram
SSD Samsung 970 EVO plus 1Tb
RTX 3080

Hope this helps

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We have similar specs. What resolution are you using in the Oculus app , I presume max 2736?

Sorry, forgot to mention that. I am using 80Hz at 4704x2384

I using 1.4 res in oculus app.
When using Air link or link.
But honestly better for me work virtual desktop. More clarity.

Airlink made an enormous difference for me over the Link cable. Clearer and much smoother. It was beautiful. Until SU5!
(i7-10700, RTX 3080, 32G, Q2-Link)
80hz, 1.2,

Since I have that same GPU. let me ask you RTX + Quest2 owners this!

Using Oculus Link + ASW Off, 45Hz Force , 80Hz 1.2 on Oculus, I’m getting a Stable 40Fps inside the Sim, but my Performance Graph in Oculus Debug is always negative, and it’s dropping Frames like Crazy. Even turning all Settings in MSFS to Low, doesnt change that?

Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

When you operate at half the actual screen refresh rate of the HMD, you will see headroom at 0 to -100% and will have minimal stutters as long as it doesn’t drop below -100%

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This makes all sense!! Didn’t know if worked like that!!

Now, I have to figure out why my Mainthread is always the Bottleneck, even when I lower LOD, all all settings on Low :thinking:

It’s possible to use openxr runtime with quest 2?
Or must be other runtime?

Myself i Prefer to use Airlink over the Offical link cable seems to give me better preformance, thats having a wifi 6 router

Quest 2 max Rez at 90Hz
Only settings i change in Oculus tray tool is AWS off and bit rate set to 0
In game settings render 100
terrain level of detail 130
Buildings 100
Everything else on high

Specs i7 9700k
RTX 3080
32GB ram
Dedicated 2TB SSD
Most other settings on high

Did you tried use Virtual Desktop over Air Link ? Set it to ULTRA and OTT 1.5. In my opinion briliant result

Virtual Desktop does not use any OTT or ODT settings. VD uses its own custom Oculus sdk.

Oh wow, that gamma adjustment is actually quite the game changer, didn’t expect it to make such a difference! I always thought that VR in MSFS was great, but somehow there was always something just not right. This seems to be it, looks wonderful!

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Yep I can’t fly without it! Sim is very washed out/over exposed by default and hence the many wishlist requests asking for more control.

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