Also try this - it worked for me!

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Do you have the Quest set to 90hz in the Oculus app and resolution at the 1.0 default?

I tried the drivers and I’m still setting a much wider scene on the 2d mirror in the pc (peek under the headset to see the screen), which means that I can squeeze more performance by reducing FOV (at the risk of reprojection not being able to catch up with sudden head movements). I wonder what my setup is missing, are you using link or VD?


for my G2 rolling back the drivers brought me about 20% fps so now i am able to get +/- 30fps in most environments at 90% render scaling with TAA, 75 T-LOD and O-Lod and medium/high settings on the rest with 2080ti.

100% render scaling results still in 23-25 fps what is playable but not as smoth as having around 30fps. But the garmins are better at 100% so I hope for some performance optimizations by Asobo soon the reach the 100%/30fps goal on my PC.

Anyway rolling back the drivers is worth to try and I have seen no negative impact so far. Even cyberpunk is still at above 40fps at full-on settings (wide 1440p).

What this tells me is that the VR mode has not been optimized since that old driver came out… that’s so irresponsible to release something of this magnitude without testing it on the latest graphics driver. I won’t be rolling back my drivers for this. I can wait for them to give us the actual VR that works and not this beta version. So much potential yet zero time went into the final version of it prior to release… rushed released as everything else in the gaming industry now days. I bet they rushed because of the holidays to get more people to purchase it.

I rolled back to the older driver and I do get better performance. However I do play other games too and I’ve noticed a drop in FPS in games so I might just install the latest Nvidia drivers again and wait for Asobo to optimise the game better.


The exact reason why I’m not rolling mine back.

i don’t find any 446.14 drivers in the Nvidia site for the 3070

What NVidia Drivers are recommended for VR

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