Quest 2 + RTX 3060 any good for VR?

Hi All,

Anyone have experience with RTX 3060 + Quest 2 for VR? Is RTX 3060 good enough for smooth playback in Quest 2?

Currently my system configuration is Ryzen 3 1200g + GTX 1050 Ti. I know, it’s in the lower end but playable on a 1080 display.

Want to upgrade for VR experience, and all the system needs is CPU + GPU upgrade. The power supply in it is adequate for any modern GPU cards. None of the GPUs are in stock anywhere as you all know and if at all outrageously priced. So my options seems to be a new system from HP, Dell, Lenovo etc.

Ran into a HP desktop that has Ryzen 7 5700G, 16 GB 3200Mhz DDR4, RTX 3060, 512 M.2 PCIe + 1 TB HDD for some extra dough from the cost of RTX 3060 alone. Looks like a good deal to me especially given the market now.

Need to know if the HP configuration is good enough for VR. Anybody have any experiences with similar configs? Especially RTX 3060?

I would also like to consider Reverb G2. But my main question remains if RTX 3060 could drive either Reverb G2 or Quest 2.

Not at the moment, but wait until the performance patch drops at the end of this month. Maybe it can work wonders :slight_smile:

I run VR (Quest 2) on a Ryzen 5 3600 and a GTX 2060 Super. I have to accept that graphical quality and frame rate in high detail situations does suffer. It’s still useable and at altitudes of 1500ft and above, it is very good indeed.

Having tasted VR and the unrivalled immersion that it offers, I simply cannot go back to using a flat screen even though the detail and frame rate are lovely.

You will encounter lots of fun and games getting VR set up and finding 3rd party aircraft that fully utilise VR but you will almost certainly become addicted and realise that it is the future.

Agree, once into the VR world it would be hard to go back. That immersive experience is what I’m looking forward to. Waiting to see what the release does in a week or so.

With the performance patch test yes (for all ver) we get free oculus 2’s so we tested and it was great. Once you have the full performance patch which DOES make a huge difference, you will be good to go.

However it actually triggered height phobia in me at external camera angels. First game in a long time that has.

II enjoy the seriex x one more now (early final release) in 4k on the better tv. But vr is great for touch interactions and learning. I recommend if using an oculus Q2 to set it to HANDS AND FINGER pushing, not using controllers. It’s oddly accurate.

I recently got a laptop with the rtx3060 I have to tell you that I went thought several days researching, reading and reading, testing and more testing, pulling my hair off, bumping my head etc etc.
I was thinking in ending my life it was painful as heck, I could not eat, think or do anything else until I will get decent frames, I founded all kinds of YouTube videos and blogs etc, they were lagging of deep details so I had to go through so much pain going all over the place until I got little pieces of information here and there so I could finally put them together and perform test after test, finally few hours before ending my life Alleluia! I was with GOD in virtual reality flying together, God made the whole thing work decently like always does, I felt the sky so real, I did not know what to do, so I continue flying with God and we did, later on I found out that I was in a bad hydration and hallucination caused by FS2020 VR working issues, why it had to be so painful and difficult to make it work, other apps peace of cake but when you are going to use MS2020 and VR becomes so difficult it should not be like that all. Anyway I used the Quest 2 I i will post few of the most helpful links I founded, And I hope no one has to have such crazy and bad experience trying to make this work. Once it works yes its beautiful! … BTW I use the link cable USB 2.0 and it was awesome, I would recommend a USB 3.0 connection, im going to test it tonight with 3.0 USB. link cable

So follow this first:




This last one Im going to check it out later on
I’m not using OTT tool yet but I will use it to perform more tests


Since this forum does not allow links which I founded stupid, how can you help members like that right?

so just replace the DOTCOM with the real thing you know.

then copy and paste it on google

I think it is fundamental to let quality helpful links to be posted specially when not every single detail is out there to be found easily.

1000000% agreed