Quest 2 Virtual Desktop Vs OpenXR

You don’t have to do anything in the fs2020 controllers section.
Once the quest 2 is connected to your computer (airlink or cable) you should be able to switch fs2020 into VR mode using the default key binding Ctrl + Tab.

First make sure you have a Quest 2 connection to your computer.
This article explains it for airlink (which works and feels better than a cable if you have a good router.)

BTW, the reason you’re getting “you are trying to assign an action to a device that is not detected”
is because you are trying to bind Ctrl + Tab to your mouse.
You should chose keyboard first in the controllers options tabs.
But again, no need to change anything here.

I’m guessing that’s a usb wifi6 access point. If your pc already has a wifi 6 client, it can be comfigured to be a hotspot that the quest can connect to. I never tried that, has anyone else?

Thank you for the help, finally figured it out with the help of everyone. I was trying to over complicate it! Finally got it working tho! Thanks for not scalding me to bad y’all!

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Enjoy VR :+1:

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