Quest 2 VR freezing sim after 15mins or so, PMDG aircraft

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

yes and no, made no changes within. No difference with outcome running non-dev or dev

Have you disabled/removed all your mods and addons?


Brief description of the issue:

When running PMDG’s 738, about 15 minutes into session and setting up for pushback, VR image freezes, I get the frozen image, black around top, bottom, sides and back, infinite hourglass anim. PC monitor shows frozen as well. Sound continues, only thing I can do is close other programs and restart windows.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

Windows 11 Home
ASRock z690 C/D5
RTX4090 24GB
Samsung 970 EVOplus 2TB M.2 SSD
Meta Quest 2
USB-C to A 3.2 Link cable plugged into USB-A 3.2 mobo slot

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: msfs, and 3.0.60 and 62 for the PMDG 738

I haven’t been able to get a full flight since late January about. Then roughly after the 2 updates from MSFS early Feb, as well as PMDGs last 2 updates for the 738, I’ve been getting the issue I’ve described above. I would have asked in the PMDG group but I’m getting forum registration issues.

Some additional info:

-have unchecked “allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” under power mgmt, all USB entries
-have set screen to never sleep
-have unloaded all mods from community folder
-have run in both dev and non dev mode, no difference
-Used to be able to run flights for hours but somewhere around the time PMDG updated their 737-800, or when MSFS updated around early Feb '23, I developed the issue
-happens both DX11 and 12
-cleared DXCache, rolling cache
-Run ODT, OpenXR toolkit, sidequest for 60Hz.
-in ODT, I set to encode bitrate @ 256Mbps

I had done a few flights in default GA aircraft and by the 20-30min mark, no issues at all running VR. Also had flown the PMDG 738 starting from a pre-taxi startup state, nothing set in the FMC, all just hand flying, minimal fiddling with FMC, MCP or overhead switches and VR doesnt crash- probably a 25min flight- until I get to the ground and start playing with overhead switches to shut down aircraft. Makes me think manipulating the PMDG’s systems are provoking this crash/freeze.

Anyone get this specific issue and found a fix for it? PMDG update related? MSFS recent updates related?

Thanks guys. This is frustrating. Ive finally gotten the frame rate to sync and be smooth.

I am trying to resolve this issue myself, happens in the black square but I’ve had it happen in other aircraft. Seems to happen when I manipulate a switch or look around. Restarting the pc seemed to help it but I have no idea if that was just luck or not.

I’ve got the same problem here.
The picture in VR freezes mostly at the beginning of the session during the pre-flight preparation and before the final approach which is extremely annoying…
As a workaround, quickly disconnected the headset, and switch off VR mode, then the sim returned to normal, so plugging back and I can finish the flight.

Reading a lot of posts, I was bearly sure that AMD graphic card hasn’t been a good choice, but seeing your specs I do not think that is the root cause. The question, if this problem is caused by Oculus software or just bug in sim…

Here’s my specs:

  • i5 13600k
  • 32gb RAM DDR4 4000mhz
  • Radeon 7900xt 20gb
  • VR: Oculust Quest 2 connected via USB-C 3.2