Quest 2 with Air Link sufficient for MSFS


I just bought a Quest 2 and connected it successfully with Air Link to my PC. Unfortunately the connection is too slow. The Wifi is not 5Ghz (only 2,4Ghz) and its only 40mbit/s in front of the PC.

The connection is currently as follows…

The PC is connected to a LAN hub via a 2m lan cable. Its getting 90mbit/s dsl speed from there. The hub is connected to an older fritzbox internet dsl router via a 15m(!) LAN cable. This router delivers a 2,4Ghz wifi signal through the house. In front of the PC which is approx. 15m away the wifi is still 40mbit/s strong. That is unfortunately not enough for airlink.

Now my question. Can I just buy an access point, which i connect to the usb hub in the vincinity of the PC via a short Lan cable and set up a 5ghz wifi for the quest 2 from there? The I should have a 90 mbit/s wifi in 5Ghz.
Is that enough to play MSFS via Air Link?

I would really love to go with the airlink solution instead of the link cable.

Thank you!

Best regards

Hi, I do similar to this although with Virtual Desktop instead of Air Link (I prefer it as you can adjust gamma and sharpness), but I guess the networking would work the same. Although I am not sure what you mean about “connect to the USB hub”. I do the below:

Main router - Long Lan Cable (actually via powerline…) - Dedicated Q2 router - Lan cable - PC

(Edit- my dedicated Q2 router is the low end one mentioned below, I have no problem running it at 150mb max bitrate)

Routers recommended by the Virtual Desktop developer:
High End - Asus RT-AX86U (300 US$)
Mid Range - Asus RT-AX55 (145 US$)
Low End - TP-Link Archer C6 or A6 (40 US$)
(We don’t recommend TP-Link AX routers as they have lots of issues)

Hello … Replace the hub with a dual band access point and you will have 5 ghz wifi 2 meters from your pc.

Most routers and ISP modems do have an option to either split your wifi in 2.4 and 5 GHZ or shut off one or the other entirely. Check to see if your router has a login system where you can tinker with the settings. If you want an external router then your ISP one will have to be switched over to “modem” mode.

Not sure what the issues are with the TP-Link. I have A-7 since March 2021, no issues so far, and it runs great with Airlink. Haven’t had my quest plugged in since, all wireless.

For $60 bucks can’t go wrong.

And yes, I have mine setup as an access-point. Main router from my internet provider is plugged into A-7 and then i have another wire running from A-7 to my PC. A-7 wireless is reserved ONLY for VR.

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