Quest 3 frustrations but

I can play in VR. All day and no issues. I wake up,fire up the computer and go into VR AND its a stuttering mess, 5 fps, and the left and right eyes are misaligned. I can reboot the quest 3, restart the meta app. Nothing. I want to throw the bloody thing in the trash.

But today, after it happened i decided to disable openxr toolkit. Went into VR and evevrything was fine.

I disabled. Turned off the scaling and sharpening NIS/FSR/CAS. and still everything is fine.

Is there an issue with Openxr we dont know about?

Ill try again tomorrow to see ifci get the same thing, but ive done this twice disabling openxr toolkit and it seems to fix the issue.

Up to you mate but If you have a Quest headset with a strong PC, then I recommend to avoid using OpenXR Toolkit anymore imho. The developer stopped any further developments of this app 3-4 months ago. So, this app may potentially cause problems with future updates (eg. windows, gpu, meta, and msfs updates).

If you are using Virtual Desktop, then just use its VDXR runtime. This runtime was developed by the OpenXR Toolkit devloper and apparently he and the VD developer will continue to support this.

If you are using Link or Air Link, just use the Oculus OpenXR runtime.

For apps that require SteamVR to run, just use Steam’s OpenVR runtime.

Taking OpenXR Toolkit out of the equation removes a processing step that may make it hard to identify the real cause of any problems you’re having.

OpenXR continues to be further developed (v1.1 just came out) and this is supported by most PCVR headset makers (except for Apple of course, lol!). These updates will likely include many, if not all and maybe more, of the features offered with the OpenXR Toolkit.

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Sounds like the title should be PC frustrations, what’s your PC spec, I guess your driving your settings too hard

There is a reset option in OpenXR Toolkit. This probably should have been your first step as the tool itself is pretty rock solid and reliable. It sounds like one of the config options has been raised way too far. A reset sets everything back to default and if it then works fine, you can look to tweak things as you see fit.

Personally the turbo option in the toolkit makes a massive difference for me (even in a 4090).

Im going with Alpaca. Everytime i enable the sharpening in openxr toolkit, it just goes wonky. Yes i used reset to clear everyrhing. I put back all my setting except sharpening is disabled. Its been fine the past 2 days. I also reduced the FSR Sharpening in game, but bumped up the sharpening level just abit in the user.confg file. Im really happy. Im not touching it now. Not with a clear,artifact free image at 68 fps without ASW.

I am not sure what is called, maybe “Ghosting” or “Tearing”, when the image has a milliseconds delay to display. Basically when turning heads to sideways or upward in cockpit. This can be reduced by with tool or setting please? Using quest 3 (in wifi6), XDVR, VD, with 4070 TI and 7800x3d

Actually, I only see that ghosting in 3rd party aircraft. Not in any of the default. the best thing Ive done so far to clear up the gauges, is force DLAA with all DLSS modes and turned off any Anisotropic filtering. I dont seem to need it now. Which is good. one less thing for the Graphic Card to do