Quest 3, Meta Link Only?

While maybe not univerally true for everyone, I’ve always found I get slightly better results with my official link cable connected to my z790mb usb3.2 type c port. The main advantage with Link is that you bypass any wifi interferrences that may be present in your play area. The main thing you need to avoid with Link is having too many unnecessary usb devices connected because you may run out of usb bandwidth. Also, I’ve found that some Bluetooth devices too close (like BT speakers) can cause problems.

If you have a good router/wifi setup then both Air Link and Virtual Desktop, with the right settings, can work almost a well as Link. Steam Link is lso now available for free so you may want to try it as well but I’ve currently found it to still be a bit rough around the edges.

As far as Link and Air Link settings go, you may want to refer to my recent post on my current settings. My PC (i913900k/rtx4090) is a bit more powerful than yours but you probably can use most of these settings, maybe knocking down the meta link pc app device res slider 2-3 notches left of full right.

Virtual Desktop can also give very good results. I don’t see any significant differences compared to Air Link. Since I often switch between Link and Air Link I’ve found it easier to do use them instead of VD. Probably still more of a personal preference thing imho. VD is a bit easier to setup. Just start off with default settings and adjust things from there, using their performance overlay as a guide. VD has a very good discord channel that is worth look at. I thing VD’s VDXR runtime is best and I haven’t found it necessary to use the OpenXR Toolkit anymore. Nor do I use it with Link/Air Link as well.

All these settings are just something you need to play with yourself. Try not to get too hung up on numbers. Just try for as high clarity and smooth stutter-free performance you can get wih your current system. Good luck mate and cheers.