Quest2 with v33 (HMD and PC) provides a sharpened image

Hey, haven’t touched my quest 2 in about 4 month. Just heard about the update and decided give it a try.
Oculus app on pc updated right away and now shows v33 (with beta turned off). Though actual headset still on 32 and says there are no updates. Anything I can do or just wait?

Nice, I’ll give this a go later on.

From memory I think the pixel density /SS requires leaving VR mode and re-entering vr mode within msfs - but no need to restart msfs or Oculus.

However ASW can actually be changed in flight with keyboard shortcuts even without having debug tool running - hold control and press numpad keys 1-4. From memory I think control +1 is off, I used to press it at the start of all my flights! (Although not need now as I use virtual desktop instead, where it is disabled permanently)

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for me (Q2), SS need you to toggle VR to see the change in FS. it has no effect if i stay in VR session.

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Yes I confirm, ASW on the fly with:

CTRL+KP1 - Disable ASW and USE ATW
CTRL+KP2 - Force apps to 45hz, DISABLE ASW
CTRL+KP3 - Force apps to 45hz, ENABLE ASW
CTRL+KP4 - Enable ASW to operate automatically


Same here. Until the sharpening feature I found VD much better in clarity and ease of use. Now the image quality of (Air)Link is way better. I hope VD will implement a similar feature in the near future, as I still find VD more convenient. Especially annoying is the fact that ASW is enabled everytime when you activate (Air)Link, so you have to open ODT to fix that setting. Another thing is that VD keeps running on the Quest, while with (Air)Link you have to reconnect everytime you restart the Oculus app or the whole PC.


You can use the simple keyboard commands to change ASW settings on the fly, or you can do what I do and use the Oculus Tray Tool (OTT) to set the Global ASW = off.

I’ve switched from VD to AirLink in my driving sims, which made a big difference in sharpness, but for MSFS I feel I need the gamma adjustment in VD more than I need the additional sharpness for immersion. I’ve got it set at 0.63 in VD. It’s still not perfect but it hugely improves and dampens the glaring brightness of the default lighting (horizon, clouds, mid-day clear skies). So I do hope indeed that the developer of VD will add some additional sharpness too, although I doubt that more is possible. He recently expanded the resolution options with an Ultra setting already. The main thing I’d really want is native colour grading and brightness/gamma settings within MSFS.

There is a different topic/thread in this forum that discusses other ways to force the v33 update on the Quest 2. Here is a link to one of the entries:

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I disconnected it from my home WiFi, connected it to a hotspot (my phone), restarted it and it forced the update right away.

Hope that helps!

My i5 CPU is only running at 2.9ghz. I can still get away with high’ish settings in rural areas.

I’ll give your settings a go and see what happens.

Yesterday, I could finally update my headset to v33. The result is amazing!
It’s astonishing just some touch to SW can bring this huge difference like HW upgrade. Almost Quest 2.5…

Just came here after trying it yesterday, to say that it is magic :wink: and guys don’t sleep on that. I had this moments of feeling like I’m looking at real life views. And no fps loss. It even felt too sharp sometimes. It’s wild. Love that you can make quest 2 do that. So many people bashing quest, change headset every few weeks, months and it still has this quality in it. Amazing.


Yeah, the visual quality is now almost on par with the G2, and I like the better fov and larger sweet spot in the quest 2. Not to mention the fluid experience and freedom using airlink!

Actually sold my G2 now, and have ordered some more “comfort” rgd my quest 2: Bobovr m2 head strap, amvr facial interface as well as the Logitech g333 VR earbuds. Still a decent amount of money left :slight_smile:



So odd thing…. Everything was running fine up until this morning…. Smooth crisp image without stuttering…

Then its like the Sim went back to right after SU5, stuttering and blurry…. Tried, everything, rebooted like 10 times, used the same settings… ■■■??? I changed nothing…. What the holy hell….

Latest NVidia game diver (the studio version isn’t that good for me)
Sim is running on SSD and community is on SSD
Quest 2 x v33

Any thoughts?

windows update set your nvidia settings back to default? it happened to me.

I had a good crisp flight this afternoon (3:00pm PST) that seemed normal. I now have a v34 of the PC Oculus and an updated v33 on the headset. What FPS rates do you run at? I am way down at 18FPS ASW on Oculus Tray Tool so I can fly the H135 helicopter smoothly (minimal stutter in yaw rotations). I use FOV at .8;.8 and final VR resolution at 1900x1900 (sharpening on) as well as Terrain Pre-Caching at Ultra. I use Cable Link at Low, 2912, 0.
—Hope you find what changed - please let us know.

Anyone else getting glitches with the quest 2 moving your head or looking really fast side to side? it’s not flashing or tearing as such. More like a glitch for a second or 2 like the quest 2 image is playing catch up,
I’m using the link cable. No access to use airlink or VD.

I’m getting this. I’ve been assuming it’s something to do with head tracking or room lighting (LEDs). Performance in VR is otherwise really good with the exception of antialiasing right now. No stutters at all from the sim now. Just the odd glitch with head movement.

Yeah really odd glitch with the head movement thing. Like the link is playing catch-up with the information. But if u move side to side really slowly it’s does not glitch. Also how is everyone starting VR on the Quest? When do you activate quest in vr? Ie when flight loads or load vr before you hit fly etc.