Question about cache

I’ve one 120 GB SSD which is named C and has windows in it, I have another SSD which is 1 TB and named E. I’ve installed msfs into E, created new folder named MSFS Cache in it and from settings I changed rolling cache to that location. But, still when I go for a flight, the sim uses so much space from C. Why is this happening?

I use to have your identical setup nothing but trouble and low FPS . Get an M.2 drive 1tb make it your c drive install windows and use it for msf2020 only with all your Add ons . I then have rolling cache 50gbs in c drive keep it all together. I them disable the 120 drive . This is optimal

I have M.2 1 TB SSD and it’s which MSFS is in. But system is not installed in it. I want to install there but I’m very lazy and don’t want to move everything over there :smiley: I’m using another 1TB HDD too, so if I move systems, it’ll be gone too… So it’s very long, I chose to keep like this for a while.