Question about msfs airport database, navigraph and Pilot2ATC

Hi, i’ve been trying to find a solution to a problem i’m having with the fact that Pilot2ATC is not using the same airport data as MSFS. As a result, there’s a lot of airports i’m avoiding to use because Pilot2ATC doesn’t recognize them. I also use Neofly to create missions, and there’s lots of missions generated in airports that aren’t available in Pilot2ATC.
I thought a solution would be to install Navigraph data in both of them MSFS and Pilot2ATC, so that they share the same list of airports, but i’ve found that after installing Navigraph, MSFS continues to use lots of airports that aren’t actually listed in Navigraph database.
Using Little Navmap i took the following images, in the first one you can see the airport database available in Navigraph for this territory. Pilot2ATC is using this same database since it is using Navigraph data too.

Now, this second picture shows the MSFS default database.

The MSFS airport data inside the game after installing Navigraph looks like the sum of these two, meaning in some locations like LLJ in the first picture for example it shows both LLJ and SA38.


As you can notice, MSFS continues to use the default airport database instead of only showing Navigraph database. I checked content.xml file and the default database appears to be disabled.
As you can see, there’s a BIG difference between airport data, even to the point that some airports have different ICAO codes. This is a big inconvenience for using Pilot2ATC and Neofly (as neofly uses msfs database and as a consequence all these airports not listed in Navigraph).

My questions are:

¿Is there a way for MSFS to use ONLY Navigraph data?
¿Is there a way for Pilot2ATC to use the same data as MSFS?

¿Is it possible in any way that both MSFS and Pilot2ATC can use the exact SAME airport data?

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I’m not an owner of Pilot2ATC yet as I’m still evaluating my options, but I thought I recall reading something about being able to export your flight plan from MSFS and load it into P2ATC. But don’t most people use Sim Brief to plan flights and import them into both the sim and P2ATC?

Just an idea but are MSFS, LNM and P2Atc all using the same Airac update? Right now you have to use 2 tools in order to update Navigraph for all 3 plattforms.

Yeah, you can do that. If the nav info exists in both, there ain’t gonna be no problem. But if you try to import a flight plan that involves some airport that’s not listed in Navigraph, you are going to have a problem importing that in Pilot2ATC

Yes, they are all updated into the same airac. The thing is that MSFS uses that data on top of the default data. Both data becomes available, default and navigraph. So MSFS keeps listing navdata that’s not available in P2ATC (since P2ATC uses ONLY Navigraph data)

Run the ‘MakeRWY’ program shipped with p2atc, let it index the files in the sim, and load those files into p2atc. Then it should have the same set of data

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