Question about reloading (complex) MSFS aircraft and dev mode

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maybe someone can explain the behaviour of the sim and more complex aircraft to me :smiley:

Since the sim takes so long to (re)start I try to understand what steps are necessary to reload a 3rd party aircraft after you made some changes, for example to their .cfg files. As an example I have just changed a value in the Milviz/Blackbird C310’s aircraft.cfg, specifically the ground services. To make this change visible in the sim, what do I have to do? It’s a complex addon, not as complex as a PMDG 737 for example but there is a lot going on in its background, wear and tear, failures, etc. Sometimes I would like to make subtle adjustments to values in the camera.cfg of other aircraft (viewpoint) and check the results in the sim. What do I have to do?

If I go into dev mode, open the behaviours window and click “quick reload”, will this cause problems with the system? I found that it will show my camera adjustments and the changes to the ground services. But will it ruin the current flight? If I end the flight, go back to the main menu and then restart the same flight, no changes are visible. I would have to do a complete restart of the sim, takes 7 minutes here.

Please illuminate me :smiley:

I’ve been asking myself this same question.

The closest answer I could find so far was:

Save. Clean ALL. Build ALL. Close the project. Open the Project. Voila.

But this will only work if you have the actual aircraft project files, which doesn’t apply in your case.

I think the resync menu command only applies to the file system reloading, no sim reloading of changed assets.

So unfortunately I think in the case of config file tweaks you are stuck with restarting the sim, as afaik there’s no way to get it to reload an external addon unless you have it as a project as noted above.

They are scanned and loaded on sim startup. But it seems the quick reload you mention may actually be doing this as well, for some addons at least.

The fastest way to restart the sim is use addons linker (so you can save your regular community folder setup easily) with an empty community folder apart from the 3rd party add on you are tweaking. It should load in a couple of minutes tops then.

If you’re doing UI work you can just reload the Coherent debugger project, which makes things a little faster.

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Yep I read a bit in the SDK and without the project files there is little you can do “cleanly”. What I found working well enough is to use the quick reload feature in the behaviours window of the dev menu when it’s about visual changes like the viewpoint or ground services. Make your changes, reload, check it. Once you’re happy you can shut the sim down, make a full restart only once and fly.

Further down in the thread you linked:

Loading another aircraft and reloading my aircraft works and refreshes the model file, it works !!
I guess I was wrong during my tests because I forgot to save the files before trying to refresh, what an idiot…

Just in case it might be useful for someone else: if you do this, wait a little time when the second aircraft is loaded to have its interior model fully loaded before switching back to your aircraft, this is important.

I’ll try that out.

thanks :+1: