Question about TAT and SAT on a320n

Hi, I have a noob question, for the last week it seems that the weather system changed the characteristics of my flights, i was cruising at fl200 or higher but the TAT is somewhere 50c and SAT is somewhere 30c and higher… what change is the climbed speed… I just want an opinion from the vet… is this normal… for e.g. right now im flying from WGBG to WBKL (Malaysia) at FL240 the TAT is +46c and SAT is +32c… Is this normal for the live weather? Oh and this is a night flying… forgot to mention… usually the TAT is somewhere 20+ and SAT is -5 before…

It’s not normal. It’s a problem with the live weather feed.

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Thanks for the reply, Is this a known bug? issues? how can i get around this issue?

I wouldn’t call it a bug. It’s a case of “garbage in, garbage out”. The sim can only provide us with what they get from their data source. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a problem with the format of the data that’s received. METARs and winds aloft data can occasionally have special characters in the data stream that throw off the parsing of the rest of the string.

Closing this as it seems a duplicate of Wrong temperatures. Feel free to continue discussion over on that thread.