Question about the upgrade, 12700f or 5800x?

My current system consists of an i7-7700k no OC, 4x 8GB Corsair Vengence LPX DDR4 RAM, a Z170 motherboard from Gigabyte and a Geforce RTX 3070FE. Since my CPU is currently the bottleneck, I looked around for attractively priced systems on Intel’s new LGA1700 platform with DDR4 or AMD’s AM4 platform and came across the i7-12700f and the Ryzen 7 5800x.

I know that the 5800x3D as well as the i7-12700k are more powerful, but my budget is limited to 400 to 500€ maximum.

Is the difference between the two CPUs very big or so small that the extra cost to the 12700f is not worth it?

I thank you in advance for your answers.

Are you sure you can’t stretch the budget to a 5800X3D? It is a powerhouse and, what’s not shown in any performance graph, super smooth in MSFS compared to what you are considering for only a little more cost:

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I have the 12700kf ( no intergrated video card and its cheaper for same perforomace) and RTX3070ti video card. Read the link below. If you go to AMD you will need a new mother board as well. My system does most things well in my case but I not opsessed with having everything on ultra. good luck with what you choose.

second the 5800x3d

I sadly have only the 5800x and it’s truly the next best chip if budget is a factor. Kinda wish i shelled out the extra couple hundred but yknow i’m still pretty satisfied

If you play at 4k and can find one cheap just get the 5800X it won’t be that much slower than the X3D. Even if you don’t play at 4k it’s still a good chip that can boost to 5GHz with undervolting. With an rtx3060, 2880x1620 with DLSS quality and all ultra graphics I normally get around 60fps dropping to the mid 40s at places like KLAX.

Thanks for your contributions.
Regarding the 5800x3D, are the values with a RTX3070? And are there also values for 1440p?

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend.

Here’s a chart with 1440p (and 4K), sourced from here showing 5800X3D vs 5800X.

As you can see, the 5800X3D still has a commanding lead at 1440p of 18%.

This test was done with a 3090 Ti, so a 3070 would perhaps result in less of a difference at 1440p as the GPU would be more of a limit at this resolution, but it’s hard to say by how much.

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