Question About Update and FBW Mod

This is the first update I’ve encountered while using the FBW Mod. The mod has been working great for me lately and I’ve really been enjoying flying with it.

My question though is do I need to reinstall the mod after I’ve finished downloading the update? Also, did this update affect the mod at all, like create any new bugs that need to be fixed. I’m wondering since I’m still waiting here for my download to finish.

Depends on which version. If you’re on Stable version. Probably not. But they are fixing some flight dynamics issue that was introduced with the latest update. So they might be deploying a hotfix for the stable version pretty soon. In that case, you would need to reinstall the mod using the installer after that hotfix goes through.

If you’re on the development or custom version that gets 2-3x updates on a daily basis. You would need to constantly updating it every time before you fly anyway. So that should already be a habit for you to do.

The best thing to do is to use FBW’s FlyByWire Installer and let that guide you.

If you’re using the stable version, you only need to run it if FBW notifies the community of a newer stable version.

If you’re running either the Development or Custom FBW version you probably should check more often. I usually run the Custom FBW version and I check prior to each flight just to make sure.

I don’t know what to tell you- for me, I just delete the folder and start fresh after the update- nothing is lost so it doesn’t matter. I tried all versions and they all work great!

That’s what I also did. I deleted it and now I’m reinstalling the dev. Version. Hopefully it still works great for me!

latest dev. version, WUIII … the AP started to play “Ivan the mad” again… I thought it was an old problem already solved but it seems that it still there, at least for me. Dead zones of flight stick checked, don’t know what to do next…

Can you elaborate about “Ivan the mad?” Any recording that you can share with us to help you out?

Already reported by others in the past… AP willing to sharp turn to the left, have to disengage before spin into a dive. Report plane in line of flight, reengage AP and same behaviour.
By the way, it was a citation from the book/movie “Hunt for Red October”… “Ivan the mad” was called a manouver of the USSR submarine to hunt the USA one, by sharp turns every given time…

You checked the deadzone, sure. but how much deadzone did you put? I had to put at least 10% on all my X, Y, Z axis.

Deadzone was 9% and working just fine until now… I increased to 12% but no change, AP still mad

There’s something really weird about your side then… A recording would be nice. Because I never had that AP bug ever since I set deadzone months ago. Not even once.

I managed to land and switched off the PC, I’ll try again tonight and see if it was a “one time bug” or what.