Question: Custom VMR file for vPilot and Vatsim -- IVAO Models

I thought about posting this in the multiplayer section, but it may get more traction here.

I’m curious about creating a custom VMR file for Vatsim and vPilot. IVAO is an absolutely fantastic network right now, especially because the model matching is almost perfect. There is such a variety of planes, and seeing them all at airports, with live ATC is really a wonderful experience, especially with the gorgeous visuals of FS2020. The only issue I have is, IVAO is primarily a European organization, and personally, I like to fly in the US.

Does anyone know how, or has anyone made a VMR for Vatsim using the IVAO models?

hope this helps :wink:Custom vPilot vmr Model Matching for VATSIM

Simple answer, you can’t.

You can’t use IVAO licensed software with other 3rd parties software.

well that’s no fun