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If I have twenty airports for a country can I put then in a folder inside the Community folder and will they still be able to be seen by the sim?

I don’t think so. Only one folder level can exist beneath Community folder, so consolidating all those airports under one folder (i.e., Southern Airports) will not allow the sim to load them as scenery.

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You can load as many as your pc can handle,as long as you have the Addon Linker enabled and having them properly organized inside a folder (Airports - UK) for example.
I have done so for every country i have installed and it works just fine

You can do a folder structure with a Addon Linker Manger.

Highly recommended for looking after all your community folder addons …

You can also add a tag at the folder names. For instance I have “livery747_” followed by the original folder name. This leaves all liveries of 747 listed one next to the other in the Community folder. In the case of airports just use whatever like, the country name, the ICAO or what you want. You can freely edit the folder names in Comminity folder.

Remember that in case of scenery changing the folder names will also add that new entry to the “Content.xml” master file so this may alter your loading priorities unless you also change the older names in that file as well. It´s also recommended to delete SceneryIndexes folder and let game regenerate it to avoid having garbage there after playing with names, removing addons or changing priorities.


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As others have said, use Addons Linker. I use it to separate and organize all my different types of add-ons.

Thankyou all for your comments. Much appreciated

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