Question for dev: 2 x PC’s setup (one for dev, the 2nd to check result)

Hi all,

Question for developpers. How do you manage a 2 x PC’s setup. One for dev. and the second to check the result? Do you log in/out from Xbox ? Do you have two Microsoft Live + MSFS License? Any cheap Gamepass subscription for the second PC? Any other ideas?

Suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

Hum… So anyone facing the same issue? ;(

I have a 2 pc set-up - one for development (laptop) and one for flying. I do nothing special - I can only use one at a time of course (one license) I use Steam, and if I try to use it on one machine while logged in on the other, I just get a pop-up to confirm to log-in on the 2nd machine, which logs me out on the 1st.


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