Question for G2 users that went from Windows 10 to Windows 11

I’ve heard various reports of the G2 perspective “jittering” in W11 vs W10.

I’ve also heard that W11 has much worse VR performance and/or stutters.

Can anyone confirm this? Or maybe it’s been fixed by now?

Im not sure I want to upgrade to W11 until this has been fixed, but if I get a 13th Gen CPU, I do kind of want to upgrade Windows for the improved CPU scheduling…

Anyone have relevant experiences? Thanks!


When I was in the Public version of Windows 11 everything was smooth like butter.
Since I stupidly moved to the Beta I am having the jittering issues and lots of stutters. Now I am blocked in this situation till the next Public release version so I can go back and test again (hopefully)…

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Only way to fix the Beta stuttering issue is to re-install public windows. Don’t bother with other fixes I tried everything for weeks and nothing worked.

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Can’t say I noticed any difference. The upgrade to windows 11 was easy and seamless


Oh OK, so the stable public release had no issues for you at all?

When I was in Public was perfect, not now in Insider mode.
To go back in Public I have to options;

  • Reinstall Win 11 which I can now for work reasons.
  • Wait for the next Public one to be published so it should revert by it’s own.

Till I am not in Public mode anymore I can’t give more feedback unfortunately. :frowning:

Get the OpenXR toolkit and use the shake reduction feature, clears this right up along with a ton of other great features that greatly improves VR.

Windows 11 and G is working well for me.

Note, keep shake reduction off if using motion reprojection as it induces wobbling of its own. In any case, the OpenXR Toolkit is an excellent adjunct for VR users.

I’ve experienced the same and had to re-install my system because the beta/preview version is indeed the problem and it fixed it by re-installing.

You can vote in the bug report topic here that another user reported this week…Poor VR performance on Windows 11 22H2

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