Question for Pimax Owners on Tracking

Something that has long bothered me on the G2 is the headset position constantly drifting down. I never see it happen but after 5 to 10 minutes I notice I can’t see over the glare shield (C172). I also can’t translate up as it seems to think I’m at the top boundary. Does this ever happen with Pimax headsets?

I’ll have to fix it by ducking down lower and then resetting the camera. After that I can re-translate back to the proper position.

I hope it’s the headset and not the sim as I have a Crystal on order.

I never experienced this no matter G2 or Crystal

Where I notice it most is in the C172. When seated in the C172 for real at 5’9", I can see a bit of the engine cover. It makes for a good visual attitude reference point.

After a few minutes my reference point falls down low enough I can no longer see the engine cover. I’m virtually about 5’0" ~ 5’4". With the Bagolu C172 I can also judge relative to the copilot.

Maybe as the flight progresses you just sit lower on your chair?

Definitely not it, I’d be able to sit back up if that were the case. I can’t reach up high enough.

It didn’t do it earlier today, so it’s not a consistent issue.