QUESTION: Navigraph Charts / G3000 (TBM 930) - how to use together

Hello all. I’d be glad of some advice on two navigation planning issues that are getting in the way of me enjoying this product.

I’ve purchased a subscription to Navigraph Charts. I’ve prepared a few routes, saved them, then loaded them in MSFS to fly in the TBM 930

Inside the jet, the loaded routes often bear little resemblance to the planned route, usually at the arrival end, with entirely different waypoints and approaches.

Equally, when trying from scratch to enter the flight plan into the G3000 from the Navigraph plan, I have a lot of difficulty identifying the available arrival procedures and relating them to those offered in Navigraph.

Can anyone advise me how best to use Navigraph to prepare routes to fly in the sim? Is there a good tutorial on this?

Many thanks in advance.


Hello everyone
I would like to know if we could find the Navigraph charts in the TBM 930 screen and if so, in what time frame for a total and brilliant immersion offered by this formidable FS 2020
thank you very much for your answers

Navigraph is not available in AAU1 G3000/G5000. Please see this Navigraph thread.