Question on C208B with Performance Mod

I have the performance mod installed in the C208B and I like the plane very much. After installing the performance mod, the vertical speed tape turns yellow at around 148kts. I know the cruise speed of the plane is higher than this. Can someone familiar with the C208B using the performance mod explain what the yellow indicates? Does it indicate “no maneuvering”, or “too fast”?
At cruise I am setting the RPM to around 1700 and the Torque to around 1750 and getting @ 143 to 145 indicated airspeed. I know the plane is faster than this but not sure about the yellow zone or best RPM/Torque settings for cruise. Some tips on cruise would be appreciated as well.

Yellow is generally where maneuvering is limited to small inputs as dictated by the AFM. Never Exceed speed should be represented by the red/white “barber pole” on the indicator.

Yellow speed tape, or airspeed indicator area is for smooth air only operations. Ie: strong gusts or turbulence bumps above that speed could take the airframe past it’s design load limits. Remember turbulence is always a vertical force, and can be quite violent, especially thermals and in cumulus clouds.

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148 Kts is the manoeuvre speed for the C208 at max weight, above which you should not make full or abrupt control inputs. Unfortunately the airspeed indicator oranger band is incorrect, as the real C208B EX does not have an amber band. Below is from the POH, and describes the correct airspeed indicator bands, their colour and values.

As for cruise performance, here’s an example what cruise torque/rpm/FF/TAS combinations are possible when at 8,000ft. No IAS is given, so for 8,000, subtract ~ 14% from the TAS figures to calculate the expected indicated airspeed.

Normally 1750rpm would be used. Note, these are figures for the real aircraft, and so won’t match MSFS exactly (or in some cases, even remotely), so use them more as a guide to finding your own preferred cruise power settings.

If you’d like to dive into the performance figures further, here’s a link to a complete copy of the POH.

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Thank you for this information Very Helpful.