Question on Simbrief and parking Spots?

Hi there, I was wondering if Simbrief has parking spots?I tried looking but couldn’t find anything. I can only see the runways that I configure but not parking spots… I just don’t want to do a NO NO and spawn on an runways. Sorry if this is a stupid question… Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

No question is a stupid one!

If I read your question correctly, Simbrief is just for generating the route. In real life, you use charts (like from Navigraph or Chartfox) for parking information. Typically, the directions/“routing” for parking is given to you ATC.

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littlenavmaps will also show the parking spaces


After loading the simbrief plan, you can choose a parking spot on the world map.

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you can do that

Navigraph also shows ramp and gate slots.