Question re fuzy night lighting

Hello Captains… I have nice sharp day scenery but switch to night and everything outside the plane is slightly fuzzy? See the pic and also my settings pic. Not sure what to do with this?

Any suggestions appreciated!

It’s the same for me. Only just noticed it a week or two ago (presumably down to the last patch)
Was certainly much sharper before


Slightly ?

That looks like all the lights are in DOF mode. Very strange.

Just remembered something… in an attempt for better frame rates, I went down to an old nvidia graphics driver (I read that it improved FPS for some)
I’m going to update it to the latest again & see if that sorts it.

Edit: no that’s not it. I’m already running 452.06 (must have updated)


Yes it’s weird, what is DOF mode? Is there a way to change that?


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