Question regarding 'New Posts' tab

I like to peruse the ‘New’ tab. Does anyone know of a way to simply dismiss a single post? I know how to ‘Dismiss All New.’ But there are plenty of topics I have no interest in reading, and I’d like to have a button I can click that tells the forum software, “I don’t need to read this, please remove it from the list.”

As it stands now, I have to open each new post, then close it to get it out of the ‘New’ list. Not a huge deal, but it would be helpful to not be forced to do that. I’m hoping I’m just missing a button. I don’t want to filter the categories, because I might be interested in any new posts from any category. I can usually tell from the thread title whether I want to read it.

I suppose I can just scroll through the list, read the ones I want, then ‘Dismiss All.’


If you click this icon in the “New” menu: image, you are able to select topics and mark them as read if you choose.


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The easiest thing to do is to pull up the list of new topics, read the ones you want to read, then dismiss the rest after.