Question regarding Public Test starts on monday (06.12.21)


This is what people have been wanting long time, open beta for updates.

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I’m not able to make a backup (copy) of the files because it’s encrypted or something like else.
But I found out, it is not enought to move the files to another folder and edit UserCfg.opt. You can Do but every time you start MSFS, the Updater will download a new copy of all. So only solution is complete new install and specify an folder outside the standard location.

My solution will be:
I will use the Beta on the original location even when I must reinstall after. When the beta is over, I will reinstall the sim with a content location outside the standard location.

Then join the opportunity to test it, provide feedback, and make the game better.

Otherwise you’re just whining, and we get enough of that already on these forums.

I have been very critical of the small pool of beta testing and NDA’s, this is good news as the people that like to be on the bleeding edge will probably enjoy this opportunity warts and all and that is good for the rest of us that don’t want to or don’t have the download bandwidth .

What Asobo are saying is this is about going into this with your eyes "wide shut’.

It’s the best news we have been given that we will have an open beta test and will let the fanboys enjoy themselves finding bugs and the third party developers test their add ons.

This is simply the best news and for the first time I think Asobo may unleash the potential of this software.

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Agreed - there are PLENTY of people in this community that have the knowledge of real flight and the experience of simulators that would be willing to help do QA. The more of that we can get done, the fewer “oh, ■■■■!” moments we get when Sim Updates or World Updates hit us.

I disagree with your “fanboys” statement though. People that want to see the sim succeed and are willing to help test aren’t automatically “fanboys.” We need people to be thorough, critical, and test the hell out of things.

I would if I would know that I wouldn’t have to redownload and reinstall everything because not even that can be guaranteed:

PC Users: There is always a risk that you may have to re-install the sim when joining/leaving a flight, so please keep this in mind before participating. When the flight ends (date is TBD pending feedback), we ask that you manually remove yourself from the Preview. By doing so, you will get an update to MSFS with the latest public build. If you do not remove yourself from the group, we plan on automatically removing everyone at a later date. At that point, you will get an update to MSFS with the latest public build.

*If you have MSFS content installed completely on a custom path, you will have a much lower chance that a full re-install will be necessary when the update is officially released. However, if your sim content is installed in the default path selected by the in game content manager, you may have to reinstall the whole sim when moving from the test build to the public build. We recommend that those who wish to test with us ensure your sim content is located in a custom path before joining the flight to avoid full reinstallations in the future (Details on how to do this can be found here ) . The best set up would be for your store app to live on the default C: drive and sim content on a custom drive.”

Not even Steam users can join the public test build :man_facepalming: I think that most of us know that MS/Asobo are lost in the sauce when it comes to these updates and testing, unless you in denial, just read the posts in this forum.

The point of testing is to break things. Make things unstable. I would expect to have to reinstall at some point. It’s not THAT big of a deal.

Yeah, I read the posts. A lot of people just want to put the publisher and developer “on blast.” (Yawn) If it upsets you, or them that much just uninstall the sim and go away.

I am happy that they have committed to this for 10 years. The amount of progress made over the last year has been awesome, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Does stuff break? Sure. Is it annoying at times? Yeah. It’s still totally worth it each and every time I get to start throwing switches on airplanes though.


I am sure you didn’t mean anything by it, but please don’t call people “fanboys”. It really has a bad ring to it. Thanks

Maybe you should consider that forums are melting pots for the ever-envious, the ever-miserable and the ever-destructive. Just like newspapers sell better when the news are bad, forums are more alive when things go wrong. And having been online in this forum every single day for over a year I can assure you a significant percentage of the negative feedback here is from people who just delight in spreading misery.

Right you are. Thank you.

And what kind of boy do you call yourself? Just curious…

Lets not label anyone, “fanboys” “Whiners”…people that do “whine” also care about this Sim and want it to succeed, the complainers do care as well. They are passionate.

To add, I am very optimistic on the public test.

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Focus on the thread, not on each other. Tread lightly.


A long term simmer and a CPL H IRL.

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Please pardon my ignorance but I don’t understand what difference it makes installing the sim to a custom location.

If I move the ‘official’ and ‘community’ content folders to a non default install location such as C:\MSFS as suggested and then tell the sim where that new location is, how is that different than just leaving it at the default location? If I join the public beta, will it not just update the content in the new location? and at the end of testing the sim would still want me to redownload everything would it not? If not then great but I am sure that all open beta testing will be this way in the future and I’d like to get involved in some of it – specifically the more weather related updates that should be coming.

What people actually want is an open beta where feedback and bug reports are acted upon before the build that’s being tested is actually released. So far, with every single beta test, the next build was released with all the bugs testers had reported in the code. If they’re creating beta sessions but not actioning the bug reports, then it’s just PR to appease the masses.

Now, perhaps they will actually get it right this time. Time will tell. I’m hopeful, but based on their historical behaviour, I’m also not holding my breath.

That sounds like a good idea !! Reading through the posts in the section for the Beta testing it seems to me as though peoples position/perspective are becoming slightly more polarised in terms of what is right and what is wrong . Not sure how the Dev’s are going to pick the bones out of this, it could go on for some time.

Yeah, it’s not looking good. Honestly, my prediction based on past betas is that the code that’s in the beta right now is what gets released as a patch next week some time, regardless of bugs or issues testers are reporting.

I’m still baffled that people are defending the horrible state of clouds in the beta though, especially considering what we had pre-SU7.

Completely agree ! If I had my choice I would like to see what we had before return and then they take this blended METAR solution away and work on it, bringing it back to the table when it is in a much better state than it is now. I am not a developer though, so I am guessing that maybe that is not possible as there is probably a lot of this done on the server side backend and a lot of people are requesting it.

It will never go back. You always patch forwards, never backwards.

I don’t disagree though. The whole METAR thing seems half-baked at best. From my first couple of flights, I could see it was already out to lunch. Rather than making the 3 weather sources they had previously match up (world map, predictive model and ATIS), they’ve added a 4th weather source that doesn’t match any of the other 3, and now causes those instant weather transitions that completely breaks the incredible sense of immersion weather previously had (accuracy to actual real world conditions not notwithstanding). Combine that with clouds at or below ground level, the lack of any clouds other than cumulus, no more stratus clouds (no more overcast conditions), no more working cloud layers, and the whole weather system is now completely borked. And it doesn’t seem like the current state of the beta is much of an improvement.

The “test” or “beta” build updates packages from the current live build, rather than completely installs a new build from scratch, which I guess you suspected.

However, at the conclusion of the testing period, when reverting to a “live” build or “release” build, the MS Store uninstalls the test build app from the MS Store (before installing the new “release” build app).

As part of that uninstallation process it has been known to delete all the content that is found in the default location where it stores downloaded packages, i.e. the package folder containing Official/OneStore and the Community folder. If, however, these are stored outside of the default installation path for MSFS then this uninstallation process does not touch all that downloaded data.

When the “release” build is then installed all that is required is a pointing to this “external” directory where all the downloaded packages are found. In the majority of cases to date, on exiting from the beta test flight back to the “release” build, on release day, this means only a minor update (or sometimes none at all) is required for these packages and MSFS is good to go.

I hope that helps.


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