Question regarding "TO / FROM VOR"

This is a handy video for understanding and refreshing yourself with VOR flying.

[You WILL Understand VORs after Watching This! (PPL Lesson 37) - YouTube]

The aircraft heading has absolutely nothing to do with the TO / FR flag. If you want to simply fly towards a VOR without complex intercepts, just center the OBI / CDI with a TO flag and fly the bearing it is showing.

if you want to be figurative …see it as an arrow

If you stand with your bow and arrow “behind” the VOR circle and aim at the 270° mark, then the arrow goes in at the 270° mark and comes out again at the 90° mark …
So if you see the plane as an arrow, you will always select the radial of your desired flight direction ( eg 90°) … “forget” about the TO’s and FROM’s

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Straight “On Target” :+1:

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