Question to all painters

I am new to this type of livery painting in msfs2020 and tbh Ive not got the time to work through let alone remember what to do in Blender (not lazy - old!) so the textures in msfs, can they be converted to png or some type painted and put back as a dds? It may be obvious to some of you guys but I havent a clue and I want to have a texture Ive had in fsx/p3d and xp11 that I made some time ago for msfs… be nice… can someone give me a clue? type it out slowly cos I cant read it fast.

Hi Fred,

yes you can open the dds file in and just add a layer on it with your png. But I´m not sure if the fsx painting will work with a fs2020 painting because I don´t know how fuselage, tail etc arranged. You have to give it a try

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