Questions about Aerosoft CRJ and default ATC

I know CRJ is using different database and default ATC doesn’t recognize what you enter into the MCDU. I know it’s possible to import the flight plan from simbrief but i prefer entering my flight plan by hand and hate doing it by importing a flight plan when it’s done automatically, kills the immersion.

So the question, is it possible to enter the flight plan into MCDU by hand and still get IFR clearance from default ATC? Like will it work if i plan my flight on world map, click fly and then enter the same flight plan by hand into MCDU? Could anyone confirm this by trying themselves?

I really want to buy a decent airliner but if there’s no ATC support for this i just don’t want to waste my money. I know vatsim is a thing but i have my reasons why i can’t use it.

Yes, you can enter your flight plan manually. I always do it that way. Since you mentioned SimBrief, what I do is use Simbrief to generate my flight plan and then load that into the sim. Then I start the flight with the CRJ and enter the flight plan. Yes, there is a way to export a SimBrief plan into the CRJ format and import that, but I don’t do it that way.

You load it in world map planning screen right? That’s good to know and thanks for clearing things out for me.

Correct. You just have to remember to set a gate/parking spot or you will spawn at the end of the active runway.

Yes. That’s what I do. Load .PLN file in Map, then enter everything by hand. ATC knows what’s happening then.