Queston for my Dev fams, is a walking mode possible?

I think the sim would benefit greatly for a “walking” camera mode. Anyone who has looked at the sdk or apis know if this would be possible? I could see obvious barriers like animating entering and leaving planes, but other than that does anyone think it would be possible to essentially create a camera with movement that “respects” airplane boundaries and gravity?

Well in P3d you can spawn as human and walk about, you just cant interact ie enter exit vehicles. So Id have to say that it should be possible if you made the ‘human’ a vehicle selectable from the aircraft menu.

If this would of been my project (msfs) the 1st thing I would of done is modeled the world and then added planes, trains, and automobiles in as modules, but it seems they’ve followed in the footsteps of previous incarnations of the game.

Yea, from what they’ve said it seems that much of it was built off of the old code base.

not only that but i think hands simulated on joystick and clicking buttons would be amazing.

Seems doable for the most part. The drone camera is 90% of what you are asking for. Collision detection would probably be the biggest limitation as I am sure none of the building or tree models include a collision mesh.

Naw they’d have to fix the earth big time, take a plane and drive it around a bit outside of the airport and see how far you get, and even how many problems you had getting there. And then theres the issue of interaction, say you want to simulate moving from your be in the morning (oh wait bldgs are solid objects so we’ll need some sort of work around for that) to grabbing a virtual breakfast and the getting in car to drive to the airport, then deplane walk through the airport to get to the boarding gate.

Not being mean to Asobo but I just dont think they have the expertise or knowledge to pull it off. I mean come on look at the troubles they’re already having with the sim…