"quick resume" on Xbox and how to use it please?


This “quick resume” of MSF2020 on my “Xbox S” sometimes work and sometimes will not. No I feel last 3 days it is not working at all?

Has there been some change? So it does not work for anyone? I wish to know please.

May someone please tell me how to handle a game and Xbox S so quick resume always work?

And there were no updates at thouse my attempts. So I know I actualy dont know how ithis “quick resume” works?
And I need it to get around bugged save / load system what I would surely use instead.

Will be happy for any help please.

PS: i did not let me put any post than just a wishlist. So i am sory i had put it here.

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Thank you sir

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Quick Resume is a function of the Xbox OS, so any change/behavior/issue with it lies with the Xbox OS and not the sim.

That said, it is regularly advised to not use Quick Resume with MSFS. The reason being that, due to the absolutely strained memory of the Xbox, quitting and restarting the sim with each session seems to provide more stable performance with it.

In general, Quick Resume is simply a paused state of a running app/game on the Xbox that is stored in this state, so one can simply pick up where they left off when they were last using the app/game. I have noted that, even though many games support Quick Resume in theory, most online-only games don’t work well with Quick Resume and need to be quit and restarted to get the online component of the game to reconnect to the game’s servers.

MSFS has, traditionally, worked with Quick Resume, even though it is an online game. It’s just that there is often a propensity for the sim to have stuttering and other performance-related issues when using Quick Resume, hence the recommendation to quit and restart the sim with each session.

Does that help explain it?


Thank you a lot for so great explanation.

I understand now better.
It only. I was reading somewhere somone mentioned that developers recomended using quick resume when people were asking for bad working of save / load game system.

And I accidently even before reading it. I had found out that mfsf is launching the sim in this regime. And I was soooo happy for it. Becouse I wanted to have working load / save system.

I will still try to use it thow until saving the game is working.
I did not notice any problems with the game when i was quick resuming it. Actualy never had simple crash or something.

But thank you for all your explanation

I am gona try to put all trafics and moving objects to nil and weather to default clear sky before leaving a game. If it will save the day on next resume. And than reenable all back.

Looks like “quick resume” on my Xbox S works with this sim.
Just need to not unplug power while xbox is shut down from xbox button.
I also before leaving a sim to main menu, set weather to clear sky, real time off and disable air traffic. And after I quick resume sim I enable all back.
Will post if I find it unstable or something. But so far after couple of days game and xbox still works foowlessly. (Reason I do it is to overcome save load system not working).

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