Quick Wing Views - A320?

Is there a way to quickly snap to the wing view in an A320?

In the TBM I was able to move the camera around the whole cabin and set custom cameras which was very nice, I can snap around that whole plane with a few quick buttons.

On the A320 however and other airliners I cannot move around the cabin, only the cockpit and I need to bring up the Showcase window in order to look at wing views. Even if there was a way to set the showcase view to a hotkey so I can snap back to the VC quickly that would be sufficient.

Am I missing something or is the only way currently to physically open the camera window and go to showcase?

I have seen videos online where people are changing the starting camera in the aircraft config file but I would like to avoid doing that if possible.

Follow these instructions and you can set up wing views from anywhere in the plane. IMO, better than the showcase cams, which annoyingly cut off the view of the full wing…


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