Rabbit approach lights - does msfs have them?

I have been unable to find any approach light systems that show the lead in rabbit strobes. Does msfs have these ? Is there a setting I’m missing? When I googled it I found only 1 post in this msfs forum and no one had an answer. I did find a you tube video on this very topic and the guy shows that we have to do some kind of programming called SDK to get rabbit strobe lights to show in msfs . I’m not a tech type person and I can’t program anything . If msfs doesn’t have rabbit approach lights built in the game , then why not ? I can’t imagine it’s too hard to program them in the game. Do they plan to offer it anytime soon?

I’m sure I have seen strobing approach lights before. But from memory it wasn’t the centre lights that were strobing it was the edge lights, so two pairs directing you towards the threshold.

does Kai Tak in Hong Kong have them in MSFS?

I know Kai Tak is a community addon, but was it ever added to the Marketplace?

It looks like there are several addons for VHHX, some of which are modifications to existing addons.

There are definitely running rabbit lights in the default sim. I just did a run into KBLV and both runways had lead-in strobing lights for 32R and 32L runways. Many other airports in the sim have the REIL lights (strobing lights on either side of the end of the runway). Both 14R and 14L at KBVL have REILs.

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I have seen these approach lights on plenty of airport in the simulator. So yes. They do exist. Good hunting! Haha

Go to the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic. Runway 28 at RAF Mt Pleasant (EGYP) has a running rabbit centreline approach light in the default scenery. I was there the other day and thought that’s the first time I can remember seeing one while playing.

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Thanks for the responses guys. Well, I do most of my flying out of DFW (my home town) and I don’t ever see DFW showing rabbit lead in strobe lights. But now I’m wondering, could it possibly be because the game is so accurate that the game would only show them when in real life the airports turn them on such as in low ceilings and low visibility weather ? Dallas almost never has low ceilings or low visibility in the spring and summer so they probably don’t turn them on 95% of the time in the spring and summer in real life and coincidentally that’s when I started paying attention to looking for those rabbit lights. Interesting thought . That would be quite impressive if that’s why I haven’t seen them so far . I’m going to do a test at major international airports by picking airports that as of the time I’m in the sim have low visibility in real life. I really wonder how the game makes the decision to show them or not.

Lots of airports have ALS lighting in MSFS, and if they do, you should see them 24/7. The lighting logic for the sim also has rotating beacons on 24/7, which - at least in the U.S. - is not accurate.