Racing wheel pedals

I have a Thrustmaster TMX Pro racing wheel, which I like to use for flying as well. It might not be perfect, but works pretty well so far.

However, at the moment I have set my throttle-pedal to the elevator. My problem is that the “zero”-point lies somewhere half-way, so during my entire flight I need to keep the pedal pressed half-way and basically I can’t use trim or even AP.

I which I could setup my throttle-pedal for nose-up and my brake/clutch for nose down, but it appears I can’t assign axis to it, only keys.

Does anyone have any idea on how I could set this up properly?

Probably not as the three main flying axis’s require a center. It’s a flight sim and is not designed to be flown with racing peripherals.

Get yourself a cheap joystick with a twist axis for the rudder.

You could try this.
I managed to get my racing pedals to operate as the rudder using these programs but unfortunately for me it also made my mouse beep 3 times at every left click, so I had to give up on it. But seems to work for him so maybe you can get it assigned for your controls.

Do I have to use my entire racing wheel setup for that. Heard of an adapter for the pedals to USB so it can directly be connected to the pc without the need of connecting the whole racing wheel?

i know of the leo bodnar usb cable mod for logitech wheels but as far as i can tell it is not for thrustmaster which uses a 9 pin d connector to usb and breaks out of the main connection to a g25,g27 wheel , my way of making a rudder pedal was i found an old broken g25 on facebook marketplace and stripped the wheel down to bare parts and took the main control board out of the wheel and disconnected all the other parts for the wheel like shifters etc so it runs as an open board which connects to the pc through its usb cable and registers as a complete wheel setup but obviously it is only the pedals connected , then i took the pedals and removed the clutch axis and moved the brake pedal across to the clutchs normal position , after that you have to combine the pedals in control panel , if they are independent you will get two separate axis whereas combined gives one and voila rudder pedals that plug into a usb and assignable in flight sim , works well in dcs as well where i can even control the gazelle helicopter rather well in vr

bodnar shop page

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