Radeon 6900 XT vs Nvidia 3900?

Does anybody have some expectations on which video card will be the best for MSFS 2000?

They will likely be quite similar, within a few frames of each other. MSFS is a low framerate game to begin with, so 5-10% fps more or less is very little.

However, if/when MSFS adds raytracing, the Nvidia cards will likely be better in their price class as according to leaks, Ampere has quite a bit better raytracing performance

lol. There’s no such thing as “low frame rate games” on PC. The frame rate is defined by the hardware currently built into your PC. The hardware to play Flight Sim at 4k60 with maximum settings simply doesn’t exist yet.

Given how single thread dependent MSFS is I bet those two cards are close.

What I am really curious about is now well MSFS does with the new Ryzen 5000 series CPUs.

I mean you are right, but with MSFS on current gen hardware the framerates are low.

Even if both GPUs are used 100%, they will still be very close as you’ll be dealing with <60 fps most likely anyway

I should have mentioned I’m running this at 4K right now on my 2080 Super and getting ~35-40 fps, however many of the quality settings have been reduced down to medium.

Ouch. I tried to snag one this morning, and I’m glad I didn’t. I knew it was a bad deal, but if the RTX 3080 matches it for performance, and for $300 less, it looks like a straight up rip off. Seeing Smart Access Memory doesn’t appear to help in Flight Simulator either, and that Nvidia might further pull away if ray-tracing comes to Flight Simulator in the Direct3D 12 update, I don’t see any real reason to go with an AMD GPU if you’re trying to get the best performance out of this game.



Watching a few reviews it seems like AMD still has driver problems with this card. Probably the 3080 TI will be overall superior in many AAA title games.