Radial engine modelling


I have thousands of hours flying aircraft with the R985 engine. How can I offer some feedback to help with the sim realism for this engine?
Throttle mixture and propeller controls all need some changes to accurately reflect the the real engine.
The Supercharger is not modeled to reflect a fixed boost (it maintains manifold pressure during the climb where it should actually decrease with altitude).
Mixture response is not accurate in flight or on the ground.
Carburator heat and icing models need work.
Takeoff power should enrichen the mixture as a funtion of throttle position.
RPM/MP modelling relationships need some tweaking.

I’m happy to volunteer some time to help with these things if a developer want to reach out.


Hi there!

Thanks for offering your time and feedback – I wanted to share the proper way to get this escalated here in the forums.

The Bugs & Issues section is for reporting reproducible bugs using the provided bug template associated with the category. It looks like here there are a lot of suggestions and changes to improve sim realism.

Check the #bugs-and-wishlist:wishlist section and search for areas you are talking about to see if there is a wishlist item already to vote on. If not, you can create separate wishlist thread for each item for users to vote on. Please be more specific in your wishlist items than “x item needs work” if you can.