Radio disconnection

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I have a disconnection problem on the communication window with the tower, this cuts off all my electronic systems.
The plane is on my main screen and the tower window is on another screen. I take off directly on the runway and after a few seconds, disconnect the radio, radio off.
I click on the tower window, it comes back, and as soon as I get back to the main screen, log out. I searched the internet and found no discussion about this outage.
I removed all the addons, I have a Thrustmaster Quadrant and the airbus joystick.
On a plane with a Garmin 1000, it blocks the landing gear as well. I don’t understand. I have the latest version and update England. If you can help me. thanks

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Each time. look at the position of the pointer.
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I9, 32 Mo memory, Asus 2060 8 Go
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I disconnected the Quadrant Thrustmaster and it worked. But now, how to use the Quadrant?