Radios in my pmdg suddenly only tune with 0.025 increments

Hi There,

All of a sudden the PMDG 737 tunes the com radios only with 0.025 increments. So for example 122.205 is not possible anymore. Only 122.200 and 122.225. I’m searching my head off on the internet and in the fmc settings/msfs settings, but i can’t seem to find what caused this.


You can change the COM channel spacing in PMDG Setup/ Aircraft/ Equipment, page 4. Maybe it changed because of a livery specific option.


@BachFrosch85590, there doesn’t seem to be a setting in my fmc.

Restarted msfs, reloaded the flight, same livery, and now it works with 0.005 increments again. So for now it is solved, but if anyone knows why this happens, i would be really interested for the next time.

Oh sorry, I misread. You said 737, I thought it was the 777. My fault, sorry.

I’d suggest asking pmdg themselves on their forums. They will definitely be able to help.