Rain water marks effect on 747-8 Passenger Windows

Hello, I thought I would address the issue that the “Water Drop” effects are not visible on the 747-8 Passenger windows when they should be visible when it rains.

In the cockpit, [EXHIBIT A] you can see the “Water Drops” as the per normal in the cockpit.


But in the Passenger Windows [EXHIBIT B] there are NO “Water Drops”, clinging on to the windows, just the sight of the falling rain!


Please note that on the Airbus A320 NEO aircraft, both the passenger windows AND the cockpit windows have “Water Drops” visible on a rainy day as it should do!

But on the 747, only the cockpit shows the clinging “Water Drops”… not the Passenger windows that should be addressed!

Thank you so much!

You should submit this as a Zendesk request so it gets entered in the system.

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Ahhh. Perfect! Thank you for the advice. One question, stupid question I’m sorry to ask but how do you report it to Zendesk??

At the top of each forum page, under support.
On the top menu in there, you will see “Submit A Request”.
That’s it!

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Ahhh. Thank you for the advice. I’ll give it a try

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