RAM usage surges while loading a flight, then crash to desktop

OK, I only have 16Gb RAM, still, I can’t load a flight. I managed to get into flight school, but upon a custom flight RAM usage booms close to 16Gb and then that’s it.

have you tried to lower the settings first to load?

Yes, I actually tried to set the graphics close to what VR Flight Sim Guys detailed in his video, and I also have a 1080ti. So mostly low and medium.

hmm, does the game work when its not on vr mode?

Yes, it loads a flight.

What vr do you have? do you overclock? all drivers are up to date?

I have a Reverb G2.
I do overclock but otherwise I have no issues with stability in other applications.

I rolled back the Nvidia driver to 452.06 as recommended by VR Flight Sim Guy. Also set up OpenXR. So I’ve got the low hanging fruits already.

Some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and, as a result, may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior. Please move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title if you suffer from stability issues or long loading times.

an announcement they have maid

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Thank you, I will check it, though I think I lost my community items upon an update and haven’t bothered to copy them back.

Hope it will fix your problem! good luck!

Nah, the folder was empty. Went back to lower the settings, even turned traffic off. Same thing happened, right about 80% of the loading bar.
I even tried to load the flight, then switch to VR - crashed to desktop again.

I recommend you to contact official support, I dont have the knowledge as them, and I dont to mistake you.
maybe try to restart the computer, close other software’s. if you use steam use the option to check integrity of files. it helps a lot sometimes!

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It may be worth looking at the OC you have applied. overclocking in general, even if it works perfectly in all other applications can seem to impact things in MSFS. If after removing the OC you’re still having CTD in VR, it might be worth raising a ZENDESK ticket with your full system config and any event messages to help them figure out what’s going on.

I managed to get into a plane after waiting the sim to settle at airport (all assets loaded). Entering VR was successful, but then right speaker sound got distorted. Tried exiting VR then reentering, that crashed it again.

I tried to fix local files via Steam, but it affected only the Steam package, and (I guess because of this) it started to download the 107Gb update again.

After browsing the forum nobody else have similar issues, so I think I’ll try a full reinstall, but first I will definitely save all my keybinds and settings.

Anyway, thank for taking the effort to help!

Well, the same OC works otherwise fine in pancake mode - but now that you say it sudden surge of memory usage reminds me of previous instabilities. I might give it a try before attempting other things.

Edit: during the last crash the memory surge happened in the GPU itself, basically maxing out the 11Gb VRAM…

power supply?


I don’t think so, while it’s 600W only, at 3 years old a mildly overclocked 7700k (1.26V, 4.8Ghz) and an undervolted 1080ti is unlikely to bring it to its knees. If anything I will try to increase voltage at the GPU.

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