Ramp marshal

first time I see that (awesome!)
This was at EGLC. I haven’t noticed that in any other airport
when and how is it available?

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It’s at every airport? I always see them.


In general, I find they only appear at your assigned parking or gate. If you are not seeing them when you taxi in you are likely going to the wrong spot.


A couple of times recently I’ve also noticed he has two wands. Lately he’s always thrown one away when he sees you coming.

They are not waiting at every parking spot. Not sure what’s the logic/order

In theory, this sounds correct and should be how it works. Can’t speak for gates as I don’t fly airliners, but I typically plan my routes from parking spot to parking spot in the world map (typically from the FBO to FBO). I find the behaviour you describe to be inconsistent at best.

  • The parking spot I end up being assigned by ground control seems random and seems like it’s a toss of the coin as to whether I get the spot I requested, or get routed to a completely different part of the airport than I planned. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t. Even at the same airports. I really seems very random.

  • Whether or not a marshaller is waiting for me at the assigned spot is pretty much random too. Even at smaller airports like my local airport (where the whole apron is visible from anywhere on the apron), there may or may not be a marshaller present. I use the taxi ribbons, since we can’t rely on charts. I end up parking in the big square assigned to me, so I didn’t go to the wrong spot.

That’s my experience with the marshaller. Sometimes I see one, sometimes I don’t.

I haven’t seen a marshaller holding 2 wands since SU5.

The logic is that they only appear when you go to the spot that the ATC has in mind for you.

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I never see them at small airfields that don’t have parking spots in the map but I often get them if they do but not always (set percentage of personnel in traffic settings). You can use the taxi ribbon to find your spot but lately I’ve taken to the smart camera to get me there. I would be lying if I said it hasn’t got me lost a few times though :grin:

Logic works thus.

Edit to add TLDR

If landing registered good = ground crew spawn somewhere.
If landing not registered. = No ground crew
If take off triggered = ground crew de-spawn

Watch the “objectives” - ground crew presence will correspond to objectives stage.

Default (No ATC) location may not be same as ATC assigned location +/- your choice.
Ground crew will de-spawn/re-spawn

If your landing meets the criteria for “end of flight” then there will be a ground crew team at a spot which is assigned to you.

Mess up that “end of flight” criteria (by leaving then entering a runway - which then triggers “flight about to start” logic) and the MARSHALL will vanish. (But usually the hand tug remains)

If you respond to ATC it’s actually possible they will assign a different parking spot etc. In this the Marshall/crew de-spawn from the original spot and appear elsewhere.

There is one particular airport in Africa where the ground crew will largely always spawn at one parking spot and then ATC will assign another which is almost right next to it. You can see both spots from the taxiway/runway and watch them de-spawn/re-spawn in front of you. (Might be HKJK or HKRE)

Crew seen to always spawn at the same parking spot. ATC seems to always assign the same parking spot.

Since SU5 the baton seems visible at medium range, but vanishes as you get closer. (LOD trigger issue as also observed with other scenery assets)

There is an odd ATC/airport perimeter limit bug I have noted somewhere else.
If you respond to ATC they actually send you to a parking which is pretty far away. So far in fact that the Pilot log will log a “vicinity” rather than the airport as your end point. So it seems that the ATC default parking is outside the airport perimeter.


The Ramp marshal is at me a bit buggy. he does for the engine cut off sign a worse sign which can associate a sign from the bad nazi times

engine cut off sign in msfs 2020

and here how it should look like:


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