Random CTDs when accessing overlays

So ever since when I first installed MSFS I am getting CTDs when accessing overlays such as VFR, ATC or else. It works fine sometimes for an hour or more and I Can access any overlay fine then suddenly it crashes. I have a vanilla install of MSFS, latest nvidia drivers and windows 10 wipers clean one week ago. 3090, 8700k, 64gb ram and vr G2. Any idea?

Also, edit: I am getting random CTDs when turning engine off. Any clue?

link it so that users not confused to read things twice :slight_smile:

does it mean this is a VR issue ? in case then better move the topic to #bugs-and-issues:virtual-reality

Done thanks. So far indeed I got CTDs exclusively in vr

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ah… but not the ‘green’ one, the yellow one :blush:




the one is for issues, the other for “normal” discussions :slight_smile:

Hahaha yes fair enough. Done.

Ok, so no one seems to be having the same issue! I am managing to avoid it by switching out of VR to fiddle with anything toolbar related that I don’t strictly need while flying such as changing weather, camera/screenshots, etc. maps nav and ATC are mapped on buttons so I don’t need to access the toolbar. The only moment of panic is when I activate vfrmap enhanced in vr, but by limiting toolbar use to minimum in VR I have so far had no CTD. I also manage to turn the aircraft off at the end of the flight with no ctd!