Random flight generator

Hi all !

I would like to share with you this little software that will generate a flight trip with random airports, according to different parameters that you can tune.

It may be useful if you don’t know where to go : sometimes, random flying is also a good way to discover unsuspected beautiful places :relaxed:

Once your trip is generated you can export .pln files compatible with Flight Simulator X or MSFS.
Note : airways and SID/STARS are not included yet, direct routes only, but you can edit the flightplan once in MSFS main menu.

Exported .PLN is compatible with Little NavMap

You can also edit and reload airport/runway database from the included .csv files (database source Open data @ OurAirports)

Hope it will be useful, and have a nice flight. :wink:

Download v1.3:


Warning Message:

failed to load …\Images… (all .png)
failed to load …\bottons… (all .png)


I tried here and I don’t have these warnings. Are the “images” and “buttons” folder present in the “release” folder (where the .exe is located) ?

in my case, no problem to open it !

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yes, i download the zip from Google-Drive, then i unzip in a new Folder (all Folders and Files are on the right place). So i dont know what happens for me :frowning:

Would it be possible to have this as a site rather than as a program to download?

Ok thanks for your feedback. Can you try to copy the folder directly on C: drive instead of my documents or desktop ? Perhaps there is a problem with special characters in the path name ?

oh, yes, i have a “Ö” in my Folder-Name. Without this, it works :wink: … maybe you can change this? :kissing_heart:

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Glad to see it works for you :slight_smile:

I will investigate this limitation.

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Awesome! Thank you.
Compatible with SimToolKitPro too Tested & approved.
Next step: include poi :wink: ?

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Thanks for your message and the RT :wink:
It’s an idea, or take into account weather info in the filters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Looks great but for some reason I cannot change any of the presets for Min Leg/ Max Leg/ Number of Legs and First/ Last Airports. I can adjust all the other radio and check boxes including the RW length but not those. Any thoughts?

Thank you so much for this. Really appreciate it. Big help!

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Sorry, I never had this problem. Have you tried to use the scroll wheel to change the values ?

Thank you very much, glad if it helped :blush:

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Yes it did. This is a life saver. I am trying to solve some bugs myself in the game right now. Just figured out a Garmin issue. Totally unrelated, but also solves some basic problems. :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for this program I liked it since you posted this in alpha times. Is it possible to set it in such way that instead of a trip with the same settings it gives you 10 different flights from the same airport? For example setting 200nm from KLAS it gives you 10 airports to fly to within that range

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This is great! Exactly what Im looking for. Just wish I could output all of those flights in a single PLN or be able to get all of the points in a single copy + paste a la



Great tool, thank you very much!

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Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the flight simulation community. But would it be possible to implement constraints for both first and last airport?

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