Random flights; new reasons to fly places

I’ve been in awe of this game since the alpha, especially the sheer scope of it all. But one thing that I think the game is really missing is some impetus to get me to go places.

I think the easiest way to fix that would be some kind of “random flight” feature. Allow the player to set some basic parameters (like distance), and then just pick two random airports in the world that fit those criteria and generate a mission.

I just get kinda wistful to think there are thousands of really interesting places to explore in this amazing game world that I might never see because I don’t know about them and the game doesn’t provide any real push to go anywhere in particular.

Check out FSEconomy.

You start out renting airplanes and taking jobs. Once you earn enough you can buy a plane to fly and/or rent out. Eventually you can built/run a FBO or maint facility.

You get paid the most by flying.

I’m at cruise right now in a rented B58 taking 5 pax from RJNG > RJBB.

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